It would be a bit of a waste of time to list the 10 greatest drummers ever, as the countdown is pretty much set in stone. Joe Bonamassa on the surprising tones behind Blues Of Desperation and being "the most overrated guitar player in the world" By Matt Frost (Total Guitar) 16 June 2016 "I sold all my Dumbles" Shares . Join. ... bass, drums, guitar, vocals getting a writing credit: just because you squeezed your name on the list it doesn't mean you're suddenly a composer mediocre singers and players writing you own material if it's not that special formats: there are (tencnically) good and bad releases across all formats. who agrees? Hal Blaine was the Crew’s de facto leader/loudmouth. And Wilco's John Stirratt was asked in Bass Player which bass players have had the most impact on his playing and the first thing he said was, Paul McCartney is one of the greatest bass players of all time,if you listen to what he was tracking live in the studio it's unbelievable." But they had overblown bass, sounded terrible near the walls, and had droning muddy midrange. Claudio is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, harmonica, and theremin. January 3rd, 2018 | edited January 3rd, 2018 GroovyChick-25,581. What a great player! Added 9 years ago by guest, -8 points . Jazz players seemingly play intros which are longer the bloody tune, if there is a tune. Sign Up To most rock/blues types, that's communist, and that's why he--Buckingham--is the most skillful guitar player in the Rolling Stone top 100 guitar players barely makes it at #100. Brian May gets rated as a top 10 guitarists which he is not, maybe top 20. Like most bands, Metallica had their hits and misses. In fact, he is way better than many of the players who are widely considered “the best ever” especially these most overrated guitarists. Featured Suggestion Top 20 Most Rewatched Disney Channel Scenes By Risk Gambler Search for your favorite topics and vote on Top 10 lists! Ask question + 100. 14th September 2015 #10. dullfangs 🎙️. joerjc... Added 9 years ago by guest, -17 points . Categories: Artist, Worst of [List531910] | | [relevant reference to Public Enemy] Dishonorable mentions of the 1990s: [in no order] Radiohead, Pavement, Guided by Voices, Beck, Moby, Aphex Twin Sponsored links. 1. David Byrne was a complete nerd. He's hugely overrated. 2. He sucks, and he knows that. Do you like List Videos with Guitar Players in them? i think so. He is a better keyboardest and he is mediocre at best as a key player. Singers: * Overrated: Axl Rose… I mean… He was pretty much capable of one vocal tone and his singing is completely devoid of dynamics and phrasing. Where is Abraham Laboriel? etc. First things: Nearly all bass players are, by definition, underrated and overlooked, since the focal point is usually the lead singer or the guitarist. There are the forwards (the players), who—with skilled footwork and finesse—score goals, and therefore score with fans. My vote is Gene Simmons. ... bass, drums, guitar, vocals (There are many possibilties for making music. TRENDING Upvote +10 ... (but Flea is a genius and John is a very gifted guitar player). Get answers by asking now. A lot of fans are obsessed with 'bands' - usually a four piece - or three if one of the players sings - or five it they might happen to have a keyboard player. A big deal was made of the fact that they had a female bass player – they became known for that. Roger Taylor and Deacon are both rated on lists as "Most talented drummers," or "best bass players" which is pretty annoying since they are meh. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. And at the guy saying Paul McCartney was/is the best bass player in rock, lolno. But to treat them like they’re the best thing metal has to offer is just ridiculous. 2 3. 1: 1. I have owned a LP12 with Lingo & Ekos with several systems. The LP12 will sound different nearly every day! But since you don't know you can't really make any sort of valid opinion. Queen should be the most overrated band on this list as every member is massively overly-praised. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I loved them when I first … Jack White Why he's a guitar god: The man behind The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and Dead Weather makes a lot of overrated guitarist lists for one simple reason: He is the most … I can't help but find that completely hillarious! Bands can be bigger / used to be bigger / play other instruments than guitar and kit drums etc. Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time Watch clips from the winners, including Flea, … Ruined only original moment by turning new bass players’ instrument down in the mix because of toddler like petty jealousy. I've heard everything from Sony R10 and Stax Omega 2 to the PX100 and SR60's being called the most overrated headphones in the audiophile world. JPJ is one of the most OVERRATED Bass players. I have recently written about the most overrated bands, which you can check out here. Yeah, but there's God vs Mortal overrated, and then there's Genius vs Moron overrated. Unfortunate habit of losing bass players. I always adored the Gin Blossoms as they cleverly mixed rock and country, but didn’t sound like .38 Special or the Outlaws. Definitely number one in my book and surely I thought that he would make the top two on here! Since the other thread about overrated headphones became mostly about bose, skullcandy and beats...What is your vote for the most overrated headphones in the audiophile world? 4. No you can't, you have never seen me play so why would you? He just happened to play with my favorite band at that time at the best live rock show I've ever seen. He's contributed done nothing for the art of bass playing. They had excellent albums and songs which are epic masterpieces. There's a saying in professional soccer that there are piano players and piano movers. Talk about the accolades this guy’s received over the years. What's your favorite Elton … A lot of "legendary" bass players became legendary mostly because they played in "legendary" bands. Here's the full Playlist of Top Ten Videos! The music is richly woven between the players, the opening statement from the bass viols kicking off a dialogue in which we hear hints of the Morris-style tune that will dominate the finale. He was a really sloppy player, actually. Now, I’ll give you a positive penning with the top ten most underrated bands of all time. 3. Personally, I find them all overrated – except for Glenn Campbell, who was the only one who couldn’t sight read out of the bunch. WOW! Show more answers (1) Still have questions? Though, to be fair, I ... Can you say I am overrated basketball player? He sucks as a bass player in my book! Quote: Originally Posted by rzzz. Don't hold it against him--like most unconsciously do--that he uses a guitar pick. The truth is, he is the most swing-less drummer of all time. Apparently, Byrne “unable to find a bass player in New York”, persuaded her to learn the bass. Used it with the LK-1, Kairn and several MC transformers and tube MM & MC prepres. Joe Bonamassa’s new album, Blues Of Desperation, is arguably the biggest-sounding, tonally-rich set of tracks the blues-rock virtuoso has released to date. Introduction. Maybe I am better then Michael Jordan, maybe I can't even lead a ball. Forgot your password? Thus, it makes Metallica the perfect example of what overrated really means. For me, it's most definitely the M50s. I think she originally was only in the band cos she was the girlfriend of David Byrne, she couldn’t play bass. But even in discussions of great bass guitarists, a select few names get thrown around all the time: Victor Wooten, Flea, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, etc.. And there are the backs (the movers), whose grunt … Trending questions. Share. Also,if you havnt already done so, and if you dont mind, Ive posted a … Lives for gear . I thought it was already decided that Eric Clapton was the most overrated guitarist. Number Ten: Gin Blossoms. it has nothing to do with his technical skills, i just dont think he sounds good. 5 Most Overrated Rock Artists [Ranked] A list by PieScarf. :rotflmao LP 12 - the most overrated record player of all time... Post by Guest » 18 Dec 2006 15:40 ...even more overrated than the Garrards. Trending questions. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. There are no overrated bass players. Most Overrated Rock Band Follow. Tweet. Who cares ? Sign In. My Studio. Most overrated things about Music? The bass players play the same line on every single fxxxing “song” I use the term “song” loosely. Some of the most famous, and creative, guitar players of all time, namely guys like Jimmy Page, Slash and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, have also been accused by many of being significantly overrated. Most overrated things about Music? Sorry but i spit coffee out my nose when i heard someone paid 50k for a guitar amplifier..